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Federal civil cases occupy less of the Connecticut federal court's docket of cases than they did some years ago. Experienced representation is as critical as ever for clients who wish to have full opportunity to obtain the best outcome available.

Schedule a consultation with Connecticut civil law attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn to learn about the benefits that his knowledge and skill as a litigator brings to federal civil cases, whether he is advocating for plaintiff or defendant.

Complex federal civil matters handled by the Jonathan J. Einhorn Law Offices have included cases dealing with personal injury, the "Buy America Act," diversity, truth in lending, cable TV, civil rights, and police brutality.

Connecticut's Unfair Trade Practices Act is often used in federal civil and criminal matters as an aggressive means to recover money damages and injunctive relief. This statute is unique to Connecticut and requires experienced local counsel.

Federal civil law attorney Einhorn's three decades of experience as a sophisticated civil and criminal litigator has given him the knowledge and skills necessary to vigorously defend people implicated in civil litigation matter.

Contact the law firm to arrange for a private consultation with Attorney Einhorn regarding any federal civil litigation matter, or regarding any federal criminal matter including drug charges, white collar crime, racketeering charges, mail fraud, bank fraud, or Internet fraud.

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