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Experienced Connecticut Class Action Lawyer

Connecticut class action litigation attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn has participated in numerous class action cases in Connecticut and New York. His activities as a class action lawyer have dealt with cases falling under the Truth in Lending Act, various anti-trust acts, and unfair trade practice acts.

Guiding You Through A Complex Legal Process

Class actions have been growing increasingly more difficult to bring and prosecute in the recent past. An experienced class action attorney has the knowledge and skills necessary to discern how likely a class action case is to prevail. A successful class action lawsuit requires counsel with experience with local court procedures as well as an understanding of how to apply the statutes (such as the Truth in Lending Act) to a particular set of facts.

Connecticut class action lawyer Einhorn’s three decades of experience as a sophisticated criminal and civil litigator has given him the knowledge and skills necessary to vigorously pursue justice through class actions.

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