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To schedule a consultation with experienced Connecticut civil and criminal litigation attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn, contact the Jonathan J. Einhorn Law Offices by phone 203-777-3777 or email. Mr. Einhorn offers clients thirty years’ worth of knowledge and capability in the following legal practice areas:

Ponzi Schemes

Child Pornography

Federal criminal cases

It is vitally important for the accused to have well-qualified legal counsel at all stages of a federal criminal proceeding. Each of the

White collar crime

Attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn has defended the accused in a number of white collar criminal cases, both as local counsel and as general counsel in matters involving securities fraud. He is familiar with all phases of discovery and trial procedures in federal courts in Connecticut.

Internet Sex Crimes

The law office of Jonathan J. Einhorn represents people arrested for the online solicitation of a minor or for receiving or sending child pornography. Mr. Einhorn works with his own investigators and computer experts to challenge the evidence introduced by prosecutors and federal investigators.

Drug cases

Representation of drug defendants requires an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer such as Jonathan J. Einhorn. A defense attorney’s advocacy abilities can have a major impact on the final outcome of a federal drug case.

Criminal Forfeiture

The government can seize assets it believes were acquired with proceeds from illegal activity. The law office of Jonathan J. Einhorn represents clients in criminal forfeiture cases, working with forensic accountants to challenge the government’s charges and evidence.

Mail fraud and bank fraud

Bank fraud and mail fraud cases handled previously by Mr. Einhorn have originated out of state, but were prosecuted in Connecticut because they involved interstate mail or wire services reaching clientele in Connecticut.

Government Benefits Fraud

Allegations of filing false claims involving Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or lying on applications for housing vouchers and other forms of government aid can result in criminal charges. The law office of Jonathan J. Einhorn represents clients charged with committing government benefits fraud.

Public Corruption

The law office of Jonathan J. Einhorn represents public officials and government employees charged in cases involving graft, kickbacks, bribery, voter fraud, bid rigging, and other forms of public corruption.

Firearms Violations

Conviction for firearms violations involving modified weapons, erased serial numbers, dealer license violations, and illegal ammunition can result in lengthy prison terms. The law office of Jonathan J. Einhorn defends clients charged with weapons violations, as well as those arrested for illegally possessing a firearm.

Internet fraud

Any person or company alleged to have committed Internet fraud or pornography related crimes with a Connecticut connection by way of the World Wide Web is welcome to contact Internet fraud criminal defense attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn.

Racketeering or RICO

With the RICO Act as a powerful tool, prosecutors for the federal government seek to prosecute a wide range of alleged crimes, including racketeering, murder, and fraudulent conspiracy. Mr. Jonathan J. Einhorn has experience defending clients charged in RICO cases.

Federal civil cases

Complex federal civil matters handled by the Jonathan J. Einhorn Law Offices have included cases dealing with personal injury, the “Buy America Act,” diversity, truth in lending, cable TV, civil rights, and police brutality.

Personal Injury

Personal injury attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn often mediates settlement conferences to assist other plaintiffs’ counsel as part of his service as a member of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association. He instructs young lawyers on methods of litigating injury cases on a regular basis.

Tasers, Excessive Force & Civil Rights Violations

Deaths and injuries that result from the use of tasers or excessive force can result in civil rights violations and personal injury liability for police department. The law office of Jonathan J. Einhorn represents clients injured in cases involving the use of tasers and excessive force.

Contact Attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn to schedule a consultation regarding federal civil or criminal matters in Connecticut.