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New Haven, Connecticut Asset Forfeiture Attorney

Under state and federal law, any property or assets believed to have been acquired through illegal activity can be seized by the government. Typically, criminal forfeiture proceedings are introduced in cases involving drug violations, white-collar crime, and racketeering. However, asset forfeiture is a civil matter and is handled separately from a criminal indictment. As a result, the verdict in a criminal trial has no bearing on the outcome of a criminal forfeiture.

Criminal defense attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn represents clients facing asset forfeiture as a result of criminal charges involving drugs, white-collar crime, or racketeering. Working with forensic accountants and investigators when necessary, Mr. Einhorn identifies questionable assumptions on the part of prosecutors regarding the financial transactions of his clients.

If you have had a car, home, or bank account assets seized, contact criminal forfeiture lawyer Jonathan J. Einhorn today. Fighting the government as soon as possible can prevent an investigation from getting out of hand – call today and protect your rights.

Asset Forfeiture and Criminal Investigations

The Jonathan J. Einhorn Law Offices represents clients in criminal forfeiture cases involving the following:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug cultivation
  • Narcotics trafficking
  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • White collar crime
  • Fraud
  • Racketeering

If You’re Under Investigation – Protecting Your Rights

Investigators and prosecutors have forensic specialists, accountants, surveillance teams, and computer experts at their disposal. When conducting an investigation, all or some may be deployed to track your movements, financial transactions, and computer activity. While hiring an attorney may not prevent you from being indicted on criminal charges, it may prevent investigators and prosecutors from going further in an attempt to seize your assets or freeze your bank accounts.

As your attorney, Jonathan J. Einhorn may be able to challenge warrants, wiretaps, and fight attempts to intrude into your private life. Additionally, Mr. Einhorn may be able to pre-empt attempts on the part of investigators to use questionable circumstantial evidence to justify an asset forfeiture proceeding or seizure of your house.

Contact Asset Forfeiture Attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn Today

Criminal forfeitures can interfere with your ability to finance your legal defense in a criminal matter. Don’t let prosecutors gain the upper hand from the start by effectively taking away your means of providing a defense – contact criminal forfeiture attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn today. Call 203-701-4760.