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An Experienced Internet Sex Crimes Attorney

In order to conduct sting operations, state and federal law enforcement officers are posing as either purveyors of child pornography or minors in chat rooms. Typically, an officer enters a chat room and engages in conversation of a sexual nature in order to see if someone will send him or her child pornography via zipped files, links, or emailed photos.

Additionally, a law enforcement officer may pose as a minor to see if he or she receives an online solicitation. Once a solicitation is received, a meeting place is specified while clothing other identifying markers are agreed to. Officers then stake out the agreed-to meeting place only to arrest the person who arrives. In both instances, questions of entrapment and intent arise. The Jonathan J. Einhorn Law Offices represents people accused of committing internet sex crimes involving child pornography or the online solicitation of a minor.

As the former Police Commissioner for New Haven for 9 years, Mr. Einhorn understands the criminal court system and how to best position cases involving internet sex crimes. Before you talk to investigators any further, contact criminal defense lawyer Jonathan J. Einhorn today.

Charges Of Child Pornography And Online Solicitation

The Jonathan J. Einhorn Law Offices represents clients in cases involving the following:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Distributing child pornography
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Criminal use of a communication device
  • Corruption of a minor
  • Possession of obscene materials

Understanding The Possible Solutions

There are cases where pornographic pop-ups or unsolicited emails result in illegal images being downloaded to a computer. There are also cases where people are attempting to access legal adult content but instead are misled into access illegal images. In these cases, it may be possible to challenge the government’s attempt to prove a suspect intended to retrieve or possess child pornography.

In cases where a person is guilty of intentionally soliciting a minor or receiving child pornography, psychological reasons may provide a mitigating factor in sentencing. People who were sexually abused as children, on powerful psychotropic drugs, or recovering from an addiction may have a medical reason which can influence how a judge views a case. In representing his clients, Mr. Einhorn consults psychologists and other experts in developing his client’s defense.

Contact Internet Sex Crimes Attorney

If you are under investigation or indictment for an internet sex crime, contact criminal defense attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn today. As an experienced white-collar crime lawyer, he knows how to protect your rights and understand the options available to you. Call 203-701-4760 today.