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An Experienced White-Collar Crime Lawyer

The U.S. Attorney’s office in Connecticut aggressively prosecutes white-collar crime cases. White-collar crime cases usually prompt thorough investigations by federal agents. The Jonathan J. Einhorn Law Offices represents businesses and individuals in need of white-collar criminal defense, both as local counsel and general counsel.

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Attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn has defended the accused in a number of white-collar criminal cases, both as local counsel and as general counsel. The complexity of a Connecticut white-collar case involving such matters as securities fraud requires defense counsel who is familiar with all phases of discovery and trial procedures in federal courts in Connecticut.

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White-collar criminal defense lawyer Jonathan Einhorn has the confidence, skills and experience necessary to mount a vigorous, intelligent, dedicated defense. To schedule a consultation to discuss the best approach to take in your white-collar criminal defense endeavor, contact us. Call 203-777-3777 today.