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Representative Criminal Cases

USA vs. Thompson: On appeal to Second Circuit, sentence in drug conspiracy case is vacated on finding that obstruction enhancement was inappropriate and drug quantity was not proven

USA v. Bick: Hung jury and not guilty verdicts obtained on Ponzi Scheme case tried before Judge Jeffrey Meyer

USA v. Maldonado: Failure to File Tax Returns case, received attorneys fees from forfeiture amounts taken from client by government

USA vs. Xu: Criminal investigation of Medicare Fraud by medical doctor; obtained dismissal of criminal charges, working on possible civil penalties.

USA v. Moody: Obtained Not Guilty verdict on bank fraud charges after jury trail before Judhe Janet Arterton.

USA v. Brass: Alledged Ponzi scheme by investment banker scheduled for trial before Judge Mark Kravitz.

USA v. Lampo: RESPA fraud case against para-legal pertaining to real estate closings, pending before Judge Alfred Covello.

USA v. Diamreyan: Nigerian e-mail scam case, trifed before Judge Janet Hall, first trial ended in dismissal, second trial is pending appeal before the Second Circuit.

USA v. Roy: Trial of automatic weapons in possession of convicted felon, tried before Judge Ellen B. Burns.

USA v. Osanu: fraud case involving Romanian Nationals using credit card scam.

USA v. Al-Jaber: Multi-defendant drug case tried before Chief Judge Alvin Thompson.

USA v. Schaub, USA v. Cartelli: tax fraud cases, pending in the District Court in Connecticut.

USA v. Shoreline Motors : Jury trial before Judge Ellen B. Burns. Interstate wire fraud case involving automobile dealership and hundreds of allegedly fraudulent financing contracts. Six week multi-defendant trial.

USA v. Automated Waste Disposal : RICO case against numerous trash haulers in Connecticut claiming they were mob affiliated. Thirty nine defendant case, also before Judge Ellen B. Burns.

USA v. Riccitelli : Multi-defendant RICO case involving extortion allegedly by members of the Gambino family before Judge Janet B. Arterton. Appealed to 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

USA v. Kelly : False statement to a federal officer in investigation of Connecticut DOT contracts, before Judge Mark Kravitz.

USA v. Ferguson : Securities fraud and RICO case involving accounting issues, defendants are five corporate executives, six week trial before Hon John Droney. Reversed on appeal, scheduled for re-trial before Judge Vanessa Bryant.

USA v. Nunley : Triple homicide and drug case charged under RICO and drug statutes. Six week trial, five defendant case before Hon. Peter Dorsey. Appeal to 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

USA v. Cartelli : (I) Interstate wire fraud claim that client sold shares in “Needlyzer” device and raised funds when he didn’t have the patent to do so. Also securities claim; three week jury trial before Judge Stefan Underhill.

USA v. Cartelli : (II) Credit card fraud where government claimed defendant stole credit card of person residing in Egypt for his own use. Jury trial before Judge Stefan Underhill.

USA v. Torres : Jury trial on possession of cocaine with intent to sell held before Judge Stefan Underhill. Appeal to 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

USA v. Evan Hill : Returned veteran charged with medicare fraud after discharge, obtained dismissal of indictment.

USA v. Hawkins : Three week jury trial on conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine before Judge Stefan Underhill, motion to set aside verdict granted under the “buyer/seller” defense, second circuit reversed.

USA v. Caponara : Medicare fraud by pharmacists selling prescription drugs on the street. Multi-defendant case before Judge Robert Chatigny.

USA v. Thompson : Drug conspiracy. Possession of cocaine with intent to distribute before Judge Alan Nevas. Appeal taken to 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. Received probation.

USA v. Carlos Jones : Distribution of PCP as part of conspiracy in multi-defendant case before Judge John Droney. Subsequent Probation Violation Hearing.

USA v. Hesketh : High profile corporate executive charged with using the internet for trading child pornography and chat room participation.

USA v. Charles Thompson : Tax fraud case involving insurance agent before Judge Alfred V. Covello.

USA v. Carroll : Defendant-contractor was charged with violations of the Clean Air Act in demolishing an asbestos-containing building, before Judge Peter C. Dorsey.

USA v. Jose Alejandro : Appeal to 2nd Circuit and subsequent request for Cert. to U.S. Supreme Court (denied), on search and seizures issues after drug conspiracy jury trial in West District of New York.

McDaniel v. INS : Appeal to 2nd Circuit of prisoner deportation to Nigeria.

USA v. Gerancon : Jury trial before Judge Peter Dorsey on drug conspiracy case. Non-guilty verdict received.

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