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In today’s cyber-linked society, the potential for fraud related to use of the Internet is becoming more and more prevalent. Careers have been derailed when professionals have been implicated or prosecuted in Internet fraud cases involving downloading of illegal software (such as pirated software) or child pornography.

Any person or company alleged to have committed Internet fraud or pornography related crimes with a Connecticut connection by way of the World Wide Web should contact Internet fraud criminal defense attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn. As an experienced white-collar crime attorney, he has defended clients who had been charged with such computer crimes as e-mail fraud, phishing schemes.

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Jonathan Einhorn has three decades of experience as a sophisticated civil and criminal litigator. He has the knowledge and skills necessary to vigorously defend businesses or individuals implicated in software piracy or child pornography related Internet crimes.

To schedule a consultation regarding Internet fraud, e-mail fraud, phishing schemes or other computer crimes, contact Internet fraud law criminal defense lawyer Jonathan J. Einhorn through email or by calling 203-701-4760 today.