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Guiding You Through Tasers, Excessive Force & Civil Rights Violations

Police departments around the country have started using electric shocks delivered through a stun gun manufactured by Taser International to subdue suspects. Delivering 50,000 volts of electricity for 5 seconds at a time, a taser disrupts neural signals between the brain and the body’s muscles in order to immobilize a person.

Since tasers were introduced, hundreds of people have died either while being “tased” or sometime shortly after. While Taser International continues to claim its device is safe, cardiologists have started to question this claim. The Jonathan J. Einhorn Law Offices represents clients who have either lost a loved one or have been seriously injured due to excessive force and the use of a taser.

Just because the police claim they “acted within the rules of engagement” and didn’t violate any “department policies” doesn’t mean civil rights weren’t violated. Don’t let the police investigate themselves and claim they did nothing wrong – contact taser-death lawyer Jonathan J. Einhorn today.

When “Non-Lethal” Weapons Kill

The Jonathan J. Einhorn Law Offices represents clients in cases involving deaths and injuries due to the following factors:

  • Use of a taser
  • Use of taser while ignoring suspect’s claim regarding:
    • heart condition ‘
    • use of medication
  • Kneeling on a suspect’s neck or head that constricts breathing
  • Beating, punching, or kicking a suspect while he or she is handcuffed

Questions And Issues Regarding The Safety Of Tasers

Since tasers deliver a powerful electric shock to the system, cardiologists and others have raised concerns that in doing so, a taser can affect the rhythm of the heart. People with heart conditions, on medication, or with pacemakers are especially prone to heart attack or cardiovascular events when the rhythm of their heart is impacted.

Additionally, there are other dangers associated with high-voltage electric shocks that involve damage to muscles, the spine, and the neural system. In fact, a police officer was so severally injured while being subjected to the shock of a taser he was unable to return to a normal workload.

Excessive Force, Tasers, And Rules Of Engagement

Tasers are known as a class of weapons referred to as “non-lethal weapons.” Critics have argued that because police are under the mistaken assumption that tasers are relatively harmless, they are more likely now to use them in situations that really don’t warrant them. In fact, tasers have been used against pregnant women, disabled people in wheelchairs, senior citizens, and children as young as 6. As a result, the fear is that police will now immediately move to use a taser against someone they view as argumentative as opposed to someone who represents a threat.

In bringing civil rights and personal injury lawsuits against police who use tasers, Jonathan J. Einhorn consults medical experts, safety professionals, and specialists in police tactics and rules of engagement. Mr. Einhorn reviews dashboard or jailhouse videos, investigates the background of the officers involved, interviews eyewitnesses, and meticulously reviews the actions of officers. At trial, Mr. Einhorn exposes contradictory testimony and established medical evidence connecting his client’s injury or death with the use of a taser and excessive force.

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