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An Experienced Attorney Helping You Overcome Drug Charges

The majority of criminal practice in federal courts in Connecticut is related to the defense of criminal drug prosecutions. Federal drug cases typically involve charges ranging from drug possession to serious drug trafficking and importation cases. Additionally, car stops for suspected drunk driving also often result in drug possession charges. If convicted, you could face jail, expensive fines, and a permanent criminal record. Since most employers have a “zero-tolerance” policy towards drugs and criminal convictions, a drug charge could result in loss of employment, increased insurance premiums, and other complications. Understand the legal options available to you to reduce the charges or sentence against you is important. Criminal defense attorney Jonathan J. Einhorn evaluates the facts involved in your case and determines how best to challenge the charges against you.

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Drug Charges – State and Federal Cases

The Jonathan J. Einhorn Law Offices represents clients in state and federal cases involving the following kinds of drug charges:

  • Drug possession
    • Marijuana
    • Cocaine
    • Heroin
    • Crack
    • Methamphetamine
  • Narcotics trafficking
  • Manufacturing drugs
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Growing marijuana

Sentencing – Why It’s Important To Work With An Experienced Attorney

Representation of drug defendants requires certain skills that are likely to be well developed in an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer such as Jonathan J. Einhorn. Since the landmark decision of U.S. v. Booker, sentencing guidelines are no longer mandatory. Therefore, a defendant’s attorney’s advocacy abilities can have a major impact on the final outcome of a federal drug case.

Mr. Einhorn understands that judges pay close attention to extensive, comprehensive, well-researched and articulated sentencing memoranda. Attorney Einhorn dedicates his skills earned through 30 years of federal court advocacy to the defense of clients accused of narcotics violations.

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